Kanekalon hosts Dinner Seminar on Beauty and Safety at 2014 Beauty Expo


Kanekalon’s boundless passion for beauty and safety was on full display on January 19th, when we hosted a dinner seminar for more than 200 retailers, importers, and manufacturers and media attending the 2014 Beauty Expo. Kanekalon seminars are especially popular because our live, hands-on demonstrations using real products help professionals understand exactly how to use our products for maximum beauty and safety. After Mr. Hidesuke Amachi the General Manager of Kanekalon welcomed the guests, this year’s seminar featured 3 live demonstrations highlighting Ultima’s Instant Curling performance, Ultima’s Easy Detangling, and comparative Flammability tests on standard high-heat fiber, Futura and Ultima products. Here is what our guests experienced as they munched on custom-made “Ultima cookies,” specially made in Japan for the dinner seminar.

whatsnew2-2Instant Curl
– Demonstrating the Bump curl
Mr. Sonoyama a member of Kanekalon’s R&D team explained that because Ultima is made from organic collagen protein, a natural source, it gives you the freedom of instant curling. He told our guests that Kanekalon developed Ultima in direct response to consumer complaints that “It’s difficult to curl heat-friendly fiber,” and “Only human hair can be used to style the Bump curl.” His demonstration showed how easily Ultima curls, without any holding or extra cooling time. Retailers realized they could do more business by introducing Ultima to their customers.

Detangle – Demonstrating misting
Mr. Sonoyama demonstrated how easy it is to de-tangle Ultima. Just mist with water and comb through from the bottom to the top. With Ultima, that’s all it takes.

Flammability – Testing fiber samples
Samples of standard high-heat fiber, Futura and Ultima were lit with fire. While the high-heat fiber burned and dripped, Futura and Ultima quickly self-extinguished. Many guests were deeply impressed by the stark difference. They had heard about the dangers of dripping, but this was the first time they actually saw it. Many guests noted that the demonstration helped them realize they need to pay more attention to the safety of their hair products, in order to protect their customers and their business.

whatsnew2-3Remarks by Mr. Lee and Mr. Seko

Mr. Kaysong Lee, the publisher of Beauty Times, emphasized the importance of product safety in his remarks. He also spoke about how high-quality products are crucial to long-term success.

Mr. Seko, Kanekalon’s Group Leader, emphasized that we constantly strive to fulfill consumer needs, especially in this challenging economy, by developing hair products that are affordable and can be styled by digital irons. Consumers also want hair products that look good and feel comfortable. But we care just as much about creating safe products. The seminar was an excellent opportunity to urge members of the industry to care as much as we do about safety.

Special Thanks
Our special thanks to the 10 companies that generously provided hair products for the demonstrations. All their wigs, weaves, and clip-ons are made with Kanekalon fibers, Futura and Ultima: Beauty Essence, Hair Zone, It’s a Wig, June, Midway, Oradell, Royal Imex, Shake-N-Go, Sun Taiyang, WestBaye. We hope to see you next year!

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