Kanekalon Hair Show in Lagos, Nigeria

Since 1987, when Kanekalon launched in Nigeria, Kanekalon has consistently won over the hearts of Nigerian women. Last November, the Kaneka Corporation hosted the third annual “Kanekalon Night of One Thousand Braids” event in Lagos, to thank their Nigerian fans. Among the 400 guests who enjoyed the huge event were professional hair stylists, salon owners, Kanekalon partners and the press.

IMG_8567Guests were invited onstage for live demonstrations of Futura hair to experience its silky and soft texture for themselves. They also enjoyed an exciting hair show, introducing the latest hairstyles launched by Kanekalon partners and were entertained by lively musical performances by popular singers.
The guests all enjoyed themselves as Kanekalon conveyed its message of beauty, quality and safety to women.

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