Top 5 tips

Help your hair battle the summer heat by wearing corn rows or mircobraids. These styles are easy to rinse, keeping the scalp fresh without drying it out.
Braids tips

When choosing your braid style, consider your lifestyle. For example if youÕre very active, avoid wearing long or heavy braids; instead opt for some cute cornrows.
Braids tips

Before getting your hair braided, make sure it is detangled and clean. If your hair is healthier before, the better the chance it will be healthier when you take your braids out.
Braids tips

Sleeping with a satin scarf is a great way to protect your hair at night. It helps your locks retain moisture and keeps your style intact!
Weave & Extensions

Braids need to be taken out at the right time. Typically, we recommend redoing the hairline every four to six weeks.
Braids tips

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