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We care about beauty, but we care just as much about the safety of our products.
For over 50 years, we have been at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing for synthetic fibers geared for creating the finest hair products. Because we care so much about the safety of our products, we developed a technology that made our fibers especially safe and flame-retardant.

To maintain our highest standards for beauty and safety, we are constantly developing and testing new technologies. We are proud that our Futura® products meet and exceed the safety classification of V-0, which is the highest performance in UL 94, the Standard for Safety of Flammability of plastic materials. All of our other fibers also perform at the highest levels in equally rigorous flammability tests. You know you can trust Kanekalon products for the ultimate in beauty and safety.


1957—New Kanekalon Modacrylic Fiber
First directed at Japanese consumers, Modacrylic fibers promise to become "the new wool," challenge wool's popularity.
The future for textiles and fashion arrives.

1962—Charting the New Course
Improved technologies for woven fibers benefit homes and businesses alike.
Kaneka Research & Development focuses on inventing a new generation of curtains, blankets, and carpeting.

1964—Breakthrough with Kanekalon Wigs
Women all over Japan embrace a new fashion trend: mass-produced wigs made from Kanekalon Modacrylic fibers.
Japanese hair stylists launch a major wig campaign with the slogan "Kanekalon for beautiful hair every day!"

1970—Kanekalon Wigs Go Gobal
Fashion guru Pierre Cardin partners with French cinema superstar Catherine Deneuve to promote the glamour of Kanekalon wigs.
American women embrace wigs as the height of fashion across the U.S.

1972—Kaneka America–Fashion Forward in the U.S.
American fashion icon Lauren Hutton launches the latest craze as the new face of Kanekalon Wigs.
Her classic looks grace advertisements and editorials from Vogue to Women's Wear Daily.

1980—Kaneka Launches African Hair Braids and Extensions
Women in Africa are introduced to Tiara II, Kaneka's soft, lightweight hair for braids and extensions.
A new passion for Kaneka spreads to more than fifteen countries throughout the continent.

1987—Kanekalon Modacrylic Doll Hair
American fashion dolls now wear Kanekalon Modacrylic hair, bringing a wave of new business for the new, high-tech Takasago plant.

1988—A New Beginning for Wigs
Wigs are back! A new generation of American women follow the lead of Hollywood celebrities, who are wearing wigs, braids and bangs to enhance their beauty.

1993—Janet Jackson Inspires a Movement
In the movie Poetic Justice, Jackson's jumbo braids, made with Kanekalon's Tiara II, inspire women in America and Africa.
Over time, Kanekalon develops additional brands, like today's popular Afrelle, to meet the growing demand for braids worldwide.

1998—Women All Over the World Prefer Kanekalon Advantage PVC Fiber
From fashionistas to soccer moms, women everywhere choose Kanekalon Advantage, making it the most popular hair in the world.
Demand for this practical and cost effective hair product continues to grow worldwide.

2004—Kanekalon's Futura Launches a Revolution in Curls
American women embrace Futura's superior heat resistance and easy curling.
Never before has synthetic hair felt so similar to real hair.

2005—Ultima Hair, the Organic Difference
The only hair made from natural collagen protein, with a look and feel like your real hair.
Ultima ad campaign spokeswoman, singer/actress Brandy Norwood touts, "When it comes to Ultima, bad hair days are a thing of the past."

2009—Ultima, the Closest Thing to Human Hair
Natasha Bradley R&B singer/dancer becomes the new face of Ultima, the soft, silky and natural alternative to expensive human hair. Organic collagen protein is the secret ingredient behind Ultima's "real hair look & feel" and the reason for its wide popularity.

2011—Lace Front Wig and Futura Fiber
Celebrities begin to embrace lace front wigs to enhance their natural beauty.
Futura fibers, which are perfect for lace front wigs, satisfy more and more customers all over the world.

2013—Natural Hair and Braid Trends
Big, bold, street-style topknots take over. Women everywhere demand Kanekalon braids to keep up with the hottest trend.


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