Announcing Kanekalon Braid Boss videos

Marueen-AsiahKanekalon is proud to announce the two winners of our Braid Boss campaign, a contest to highlight the lovely ladies that make Kanekalon braids rock. Kanekalon launched the Braid Boss campaign to provide our loyal users with a special opportunity to share their real life stories of how Kanekalon hair has transformed their lives, their self-esteem, and their beauty.


2015 Braid Boss—Maureen (left) and Asiah (right)


Kanekalon braids are light and soft with natural body while helping our customers care for their hair in the long run. We wanted to hear why Kanekalon Braids are our customers’ go-to choice, so we offered the Braid Boss winners a professional styling and consulting session.

After interviewing many amazing Kankelon-lovers with fashion-forward braids, Kanekalon chose Maureen Saturne and Asiah Charles and featured their professional hair makeovers and “on-the-go” lifestyles in two videos.

Maureen Saturne is a 28 year-old technical designer in the fashion business. She supervises fashion being manufactured halfway across the globe, while at night she designs and fabricates her own line of jewelry. Wow.

Asiah Charles, also 28, is already a supervisor at a major utilities company. Her engineering college degree helped her get a head start in a male-dominated field. Both Maureen and Asiah rely on Kanekalon to preserve their sexy while they take on the world.

Go, Asiah and Maureen!

We hope you’ll be so impressed with their NYC swagger, their professionalism and their stunning hair that you’ll help spread their positivity by posting and sharing the videos.

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