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Braid Boss Sheena Shows You How to Rock Crochet Braids

She’s got brains, beauty and she’s a Braid Boss. As a busy woman getting her PhD, Sheena relies on Kanekalon for an easy, versatile way to enhance her natural beauty. She has a passion for helping her community and hopes … Continue reading

Braid Boss Luyando Slays in Ombre Box Braids

Learn what it takes to be a Kanekalon Braid Boss with this year’s winner, Luyando! Growing up in Zambia, Luyando loved wearing intricate, traditional braided hairstyles. Now she uses Kanekalon to help her create her own braided styles to share … Continue reading

Announcing Kanekalon Braid Boss videos

Kanekalon is proud to announce the two winners of our Braid Boss 2015 campaign, a contest to highlight the lovely ladies that make Kanekalon braids rock. Continue reading

Kaneka Corporation Selects Miss Kanekalon® 2015

Kaneka Corporation is proud to announce that Esther Chukwujekwu has been named Miss Kanekalon® 2015. The event took place on November 14, 2015, in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria where Kaneka manufactures its Kanekalon fibers. Continue reading

How Do You Know When It’s Kanekalon?

How can you tell when you have 100% Kanekalon hair? Just watch and learn! Kanekalon Africa shows how you can always be sure you have the name you can trust in a new short video. See for yourself why Kanekalon … Continue reading

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